Hello and welcome to my homepage, I only hello and welcome to my web page. if you have just stumbled across this you in for a surprise. but if you know some people in these photos, or if you are featured in my little photo gallery's then you are in for a good laugh. if you are featured in my collection, please don't take any captions too seriously. they are intended only for a laugh or to explain the photo in more detail. if you have any comments or complaints please write to, dan@avonside.net nothing will be changed. also if you were on some of these trips and you have photos to share it would be great if you would just send me a message as well so I can continuously update these pictures. with out any further adieu, have fun! ...


Open SpreadsheetI like them any way.

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New years 2004-5

Boyal river camp

just nice landscape pics to show off New Zealand

Linwood formal 2004

Other random pics

The Kidson house group photos other trips