We will be heading up to Arthur's Pass on Friday night and will be at the hut all day on Saturday so you can arrive any time. The location of the hut can be seen on the map. If you are driving up for the night, please make sure you have filled your radiators with anti-freeze. It may get a little chilly.

 Marriage ceremony

This is going to be very informal. The wedding ceremony will be at the hut at 4:00. The exchange of vows and rings will be followed by speeches.




Some of you will have been asked specifically while others can just spontaneously speak, sing, recite poetry etc. You may read something or just recall an incident about one or both of us. We decided to have the speeches before the meal as there is not a lot of room at the hut and we feel it will give everyone a better opportunity to be heard. This way we will have more time to socialise as everyone gets busy eating and drinkingJ

Meal and evening

We are planning a relaxed buffet type meal. We may ask for some of you to bring along a favourite dish to share. The hut has an oven and microwave and we will bring along a covered barbeque along with some gas heaters. We will have mulled wine and some beer and soft drinks available. Please feel free to bring your own brew to add to the bar A We will have a stereo to provide some music during the evening. Please feel free to bring along any tapes or CD's.

Sleeping arrangements       

Some people have already booked into the Chalet, the hut where we are getting married sleeps 30 in two rooms and a few more in the lounge, the sleeping rooms have bunks 3 high. There are two outside toilets and we will also have a porti-loo inside for those that find the trip at night a bit adventuresome. We have also got the use of a holiday house (with an inside loo) from one of the schools. This is down the road by the bridge and has three rooms with bunks. We may need to use this if there are too many people at the hut.




 We are providing a cooked breakfast for all that want to participate. Those staying at the Chalet may prefer to have breakfast there as it is already included in the price. Up at the hut we will be cooking sausages, eggs, bacon and toast along with fresh coffee and other nice things.