Wow that was pretty scary hearing the crack and knowing that before I hit the ground my leg would be broken.


At this stage I was feeling pretty miserable, in pain, cold, wet, tired, and was generally getting concerned about our situation, I was hoping for cell phone range soon..


I couldn't believe it when our truck got stuck, what else could go wrong.  I was beginning to think we would be looking at a night in the open.


I am really grateful to the rescue guys, after hours of pain it was a relief to get some pain killers on board and relax a bit.


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This incident annoyed me, there is no-way I was offered a transfusion at the time.  I am really grateful to the one nurse who listened to me and helped me considerably by offering me alternatives, she was brilliant.   I was suprised when I obtained the notes to help with this case study that it was inferred I was offered a transfusion earlier and refused.  I refused when offered four days later because I couldn't see any point when I was managing the problem and felt I was getting somewhere. 


I was not impressed with one of the nurses this evening.  My oxygen sat's dropped when I dozed off and the machine would alarm.  One nurse came in and told me this was bothering her, and she turned the machine off.  What if something had happened ?.


I was encouraged to mobilise using crutches today, I explained about my shoulder injury, but am not sure if I got through or not that crutches just aren't going to work for me.


This was a better outcome.  The gutter frame was much easier to manage.  It feels good to be more independent and up and about abit.  Now reality is starting to set in and I have realised that I will be out of action for quite sometime.  Even though accident compensation will help, what about work ?.


It's so great to be at home, we have had to change things around a little, like shift the bedroom so I don't have to go up and down stairs all the time.  At this stage I have to come in and out the back door, because I can't manage the steps at the front, but hopefully a ramp will help that.


I'm not sure why the delay with the ramp, it was ok'd without any trouble.  I get the feeling they were hoping if they left it long enough it would not be required.  Work have been great really supportive.   I am happy to be back doing something.  Moving about is a little difficult, accident compensation are paying taxis for me to get to work at the moment, luckily our office has a lift going up to it so access isn't to bad.  I am working from home as much as I can, but still feel tired from the injury and surgery, and still have pain on movement, so three days a week is enough for now.


Today was a bit disappointing.  I was hoping to be further along than this by now.  I am suprised to still have pain with some movement, I did not think things would take this long.


Firstly I can't believe I need more surgery, this really is starting to get frustrating.  Secondly I can't really understand why if A.C.C. are willing to pay for full surgery in public hospital, what the difference is to paying privately.  The operation will be done by the same surgeon after all.  Still the sooner the better, I guess thats why we have medical insurance.


Actually I was going away on holiday and could't really take the gutter frame, so was looking for an alternative.  Elbow crutches seem to be working well.


I could have done without this.  I said to the nurse when I managed to pass a small amount of urine that I still felt uncomfortable and didn't think my bladder was empty.  She seemed to think the amount I had passed was ok.  But I had felt really thirsty after the surgery, I asked if I could drink and was told yes, so I did, lots, I was really thirsty.


It feels good to have that catheter out.   I can't believe I have to go through the whole mobilisation struggle again.   It's the same surgeon he must know I can't use crutches.  I feel like I am back at the start again in some ways.  I wonder how long things will take this time.  


At last some progress.  I am using the elbow crutches again at home now and around the office.  They make life much easier.


Nine months from the original injury, things are finally getting back to normal.  My leg is still painful at times, and I am trying to practice walking without a limp.  I can't manage this yet, but I'm working on it.  I can't wait to get out four wheel driving again and get back into the country.  I've really missed it.