The purpose of this case study is to enable me, as a nursing student, to develop an understanding of the care and procedures surrounding an acute orthopaedic patient.  This includes clinical procedures, the patients view-point, and subsequent follow up care when problems arise within the healing process.  The case study has been worked into a universal web format so that it may be used as a tool of learning by fellow nursing students.  The case study itself is based on real events.  The subjects name and dates related to the injury have been changed, and locations ommitted to protect the identity of the patient involved, thus maintaining confidentiality.

You will notice throughout the case study words which are highlighted and underlined.  If these words are clicked on a definintion for that word will appear in the bottom window.  Alternatively if a camera is clicked on a picture will appear. My pet cat  You will find links within the case study which will bring up more information regarding that topic.  Lastly for a brief discription of the patients viewpoint, click on (Bob's feelings).   I hope that you find this case study helpful and informative, and good luck with your study's.